Basic version PORTO 2.5

  • 8 Delta Flex teeth,
  • NON STOP hydraulic protection,
  • Pressure force adjustment,
  • Hydraulic adjustment of working depth,
  • 6 scraping discs diameter 460mm,
  • Maintenance-free hub (cast iron),
  • tubular roller,
  • Powder coating.

– Service hub
– Hydraulic shaft adjustment
– T-roller – T Roll
– Roof roller – V Roll
– or another type of shaft

Shaft type

Instead of the standard 500mm tubular roller, T-roller or V-roller roller, you can choose another one from the table.
PORTO 2.5 no-plow cultivator is an agricultural machine equipped with 8 Delta Flex tines and a set of 6 collecting discs, diameter 460 mm. The unit has non-stop hydraulic protection with hydraulically adjustable pressure and the machine's working depth. More information
 Working width Number of teeth and discs Mass Efficiency 10 km/h Power demand
2.5m 8 Delta Flex tines and 6 discs diameter 460 mm 1400kg* 2.5 ha from 125KM
* the weight of the PORTO 2.5 no-plough unit is given with a 500 mm pipe roller.
Instead of the standard 500mm tubular roller, you can choose another one:
Shaft type Shaft design Machine weight 2.5m
Tubular roller 500mm Tubular roller 500mm 1180kg
Packer shaft 500mm Packer shaft 500mm 1310kg
Shaft T-bar 500mm Shaft T-bar 500mm 1400kg
Roof roller 500mm Roof roller 620mm 1360kg
Crosskill roller 550mm Crosskill roller 550mm 1670kg
String roller 500mm String roller 500mm 1180kg
Spring Shaft 500mm Spring Shaft 500mm 1250kg
Heavy Packer Roller 600mm Photo coming soon! 1580kg

PORTO 2.5 no-plow cultivator

PORTO 2.5 no-plow cultivator

Photo gallery of the PORTO 2.5 no-plow cultivator

Photo gallery of the PORTO 2.5 no-plow cultivator

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