Agregaty uprawowe Głębosz

Cultivator GŁĘBOSZ
standard version

  • Tubular roller 560mm
  • 6 arms
  • Secure wheels
  • Powder coating

Additinal features (on demand)

we will supplement soon!

Other variants (on demand)

Roller type – Tubular roller 500mm (standard)
Instead of the standard version you may choose a different type. You can find additional information in the table on the right side.
Working widthNumber of armsWrightPerformance 10 km/hPower requirements
GŁĘBOSZ 3m6980kg3.0ha165KM
GŁĘBOSZ 2m4688kg2.0ha135KM
Roller typeRoller structureWeight 3mWeight 2m
Tubular roller 500mmTubular roller 500mm980kg688kg
Tubular roller 600mmTubular roller 600mm1010kg718kg
Packer Roller 500mmPacker Roller 500mm1110kg818kg
T-profile Roller 500mT-profile Roller 500m1200kg908kg
T-profile Roller 620mT-profile Roller 620m1230kg938kg
Chevron Roller 500mmChevron Roller 500mm1120kg828kg
Chevron Roller 620mmChevron Roller 620mm1160kg868kg
Crosskill roller 550mmCrosskill roller 550mm1470kg1178kg
String Bar Roller 500mmString Bar Roller 500mm980kg688kg
Spring Roller 500mmSpring Roller 500mm1050kg758kg
Heavy Packer Roller 600mmPhotos soon!1380kg1088kg

Cultivator GŁĘBOSZ

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