Manufacturer of agricultural machines and units

Manufacturer of agricultural machines and units

Pioneer of agriculture - we have been producing agricultural machines for over 15 years

The highest quality manufactured agricultural machinery, punctuality and individual approach to each client - these are the foundations on which we base our company's activities AMJ AGRO, which has been operating since 2005. We are a reliable manufacturer of agricultural machinery - we are satisfied with many years of cooperation with a group of regular customers and many recommendations of us as a trustworthy partner.
We are known as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery and specialize in the production of: cultivation aggregates, cultivation and seeding units (e.g. disc and scratching posts), disc harrows or cultivation rollers, in the production of which we use high-quality materials and components. The agricultural machines we produce have certificates confirming that they meet standards and safety requirements (in accordance with European standards).

Own powder coating shop and plasma cutting technology

An integral part of our production plant is our own powder coating shop, thanks to which all manufactured agricultural machines have a high-quality paint coating (additionally protected against corrosion). Since the beginning of our activity, we have also offered the following services: powder coating elements supplied by the customer and plasma cutting sheets of ordinary steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Contact us, if you are interested in powder coating or plasma cutting.

We are constantly expanding our group of distributors and partners around the world

We cooperate with a constantly growing group of distributors who distribute our products agricultural aggregates throughout Poland. Our agricultural machines can also be found abroad - we constantly deliver our tillage units to countries such as: Włochy, France, England, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Greece.

We provide transport for all our clients agricultural units, warranty and post-warranty service and a full range of spare parts.

We participate in the largest agricultural fairs

We consolidate our position on the market through professional consulting. We advise our clients which agricultural units will be the most optimal for them. We regularly participate in the largest agricultural fairs throughout the country. At agricultural exhibitions we present all our agricultural machines:
We always provide professional advice and assistance. Agricultural units are designed to prepare soil for sowing or planting during one working pass. They are used, among others: for crushing lumps, destroying crusted soils and destroying weeds and mixing mineral fertilizers with the soil. Our agricultural machines significantly reduce the costs of cultivation and tillage.

We research and introduce new models of agricultural machines

In response to the demanding and changing market agricultural machinery, we introduce modern machine designs to our offer. All our machines are distinguished by their durability and high level of operational safety.

We achieve high quality and efficiency of the construction of our agricultural units using computer design methods. We make every effort to ensure that the proposed solutions are optimized in terms of durability and strength. most popular agricultural machines from AMJ AGRO are available in several versions that differ in working width.

Catalog of the agricultural machinery manufacturer AMJ AGRO

AMJ AGRO agricultural machinery – open and download the official AMJ AGRO agricultural machinery catalog: tillage and seeding units (plates or scratchers), disc harrows, cultivation rollers i cultivation and sowing, tilling sets.

Agricultural units at the fair
We produce tillage units and other agricultural machines
What does our production hall look like?
Agricultural machinery production hall
Producer of agricultural machinery
Machines at agricultural fairs
Tillage units at the fair

Our agricultural machines and production process

Cultivating aggregates

Our specialty are tillage units that allow you to improve work and reduce cultivation costs. We use the highest quality materials and the best components.

Cultivating aggregates

Thanks to the use of the highest quality parts and components, our agricultural units ensure reliable operation for many years. We offer disc and scratching models available in several working widths. We only offer modern and functional cultivation units, e.g. disc cultivators and scratchers.

Powder painting

With a modern painting booth, we offer precise powder coating for all our agricultural units and machines (e.g. disc harrows and tillage rollers).

Powder painting

The methods used allow us to operate efficiently and obtain excellent results - the aesthetics of agricultural units and the resistance of the surface. Powder coating is electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying, by means of which powder paint is applied to the metal coating of machines.

Plasma cutting

We cut sheets of stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and aluminum. We fulfill orders for agricultural machines quickly, repeatably and without material surpluses.

Plasma cutting

In the production of agricultural units, we use plasma cutting using a CNC WPA 6000 machine, basing our activities on the individual needs of customers. Plasma cutting is a process during which the plasma-forming gas, flowing through an electric arc glowing between the electrode and the processed material, is ionized.
Production hall of tillage units
We powder coat agricultural machinery
When producing machines, we use plasma cutting
Plasma cutting in the production of agricultural aggregates
Hundreds of customers
Thousands of machines
Tens of thousands of hectares

Get to know our agricultural machines: aggregates, harrows and tillage rollers

Agricultural tillage and sowing machinery
Agricultural tillage and sowing machineryATOS, ARAMIS, ATOS DRIVE
At cultivation and seeding units The elements responsible for crushing, cutting and loosening the soil surface are rows of toothed discs.

Very high efficiency
High resistance to damage
Agricultural tillage machinery
Agricultural tillage machineryGĘBOSZ, ATOS, ARAMIS, DISC Harrows
Do cultivation aggregates we include, among others: ARAMIS scratching unit for loosening the soil with pre-sowing cultivation and sowing in one pass.

Pre-sowing cultivation and sowing
Efficiency while reducing costs
Cultivation rollers
Cultivation rollersHUGE 3.2, 5.2, 6.2 and HUGE 6.2 włuka tillage and seed drill
cultivation roller is used to level the field and break up lumps. Rolling the soil improves the soil structure and has a significant impact on the quality of crops.

Supports the emergence of plants
Improves the structure of cultivated soil

Aggregates and agricultural machines that solve everyday problems

Disc harrows for cultivating the soil after harvest.

Disc harrows They effectively replace the plow and remove weeds and clods of earth.

The 500m tubular roller is the default roller in AMJ AGRO

Pipe shaft at ATOS plate weapons compacts and seasones the soil.

ARAMIS scratching unit - straight or curved teeth

ARAMIS scratching unit – two types of teeth to choose from: straight or curved.

Aramis agricultural machine (scratcher)

ARAMIS scratching post – embossing protects the hub against stones and blocking.

ATOS disc cultivator
Manufacturer of scratching units
Disc harrow with a roof roller
Disc harrows manufacturers

Agricultural machinery is important to us

Agricultural machinery can do the work of fifty average people, but no agricultural machine can do the work of our client - one above-average person.

Warranty service

We provide transport of agricultural aggregates and machines, warranty service and an assortment of spare parts.

Consulting and support

We gained this position thanks to professional support. We will advise you which agricultural units will be optimal.

Become a partner

We cooperate with a constantly growing group of distributors. Contact us and start selling our agricultural machines.

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