Agricultural machine for preparing land for cultivation (breaks the topsoil, loosens the soil to a depth of up to 45 cm). The result of the machine's operation is the loosening of the soil structure - creating space for air and water. The cultivator easily digs into the soil and performs its work very effectively. The working element is protected against stones and other mechanical damage to the machine legs (pin protection).

Agricultural tillage units

Agricultural tillage units

Głębosz Hydro agricultural tillage machine

Machine with hydraulic protection. No replacement of jammed pins required. The hydraulic actuator permanently maintains the appropriate working angle.

Głębosz agricultural tillage machine

The subsoiler is used to break the topsoil - it loosens the soil at a depth of up to 30 cm. It loosens the soil structure and creates space for air and water.

Agricultural tillage and sowing machinery

They are primarily used to increase work efficiency while reducing cultivation costs, among other things, by enabling cultivation and sowing during one work pass.

Manufacturer of disc harrows

Hydraulically foldable disc harrows are used for shallow soil cultivation after harvest. The purpose of the machines is to mix in stubble remnants and stimulate the growth of volunteer seedlings. They remove weeds and clods of earth.

Tillage units that solve everyday problems

Tillage units that solve everyday problems

Disc harrows for cultivating the soil after harvest.

Side screens reduce and control the recoil of mass outside the contour source and aggregates.

The 500m tubular roller is the default roller in AMJ AGRO

Shaft effectively protects the bearing housing against stones and blocking.

ARAMIS scratching unit - straight or curved teeth

ARAMIS scratching unit – two types of teeth to choose from: straight or curved.

Aramis agricultural machine (scratcher)

ARAMIS scratching post – embossing protects the hub against stones and blocking.

ATOS disc cultivator

Plates made of boron-manganese steel, aggressive disc toothing.

Manufacturer of scratching units

Na aggregates double paint coating, protecting against corrosion.

Disc harrow with a roof roller

We provide a full range of spare parts and warranty service.

Agricultural units at the fair

 Company participates in the largest agricultural fairs in Europe.

The production process of tillage units

The production process of tillage units


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We provide transport of agricultural aggregates and machines, warranty service and an assortment of spare parts.

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