Trolley (disk harrow)

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Wózek rolniczy brona talerzowa

Trolley (disk harrow)
standard version

  • Wheel hub assembly, maintenance-requiring – cast iron
  • Tubular roller 500mm
  • 2 actuators
  • 560mm disks
  • Side screens
  • Rubber dampeners
  • Hydraulic protection

Additional features

(extra charge)
  • Trolley with a shaft
  • Fenders
  • Hydrauliczna regulacja wału
  • Headlights

Other variants

(on demand)

Wheel assembly hub type

  • Maintenance-requiring – cast iron (standard)
  • Non-maintenance – cast iron (extra charge)
  • Non-maintenance – steel (extra charge)
Disks type
  • 560mm disks (standard)
  • 610mm disks (extra charge)
  • 510mm disks (extra charge)
Working width Number of disks Wright Performance 10 km/h Power requirements
ATOS 4m 32 1760kg 4ha 120KM
ATOS 4.5m 36 2010kg 4.5ha 125KM
ATOS 5m 40 2540kg 5ha 135KM
ATOS 6m 48 2700kg 6ha 135KM
Roller type – Tubular roller 500mm (standard). Instead of the standard version you may choose a different type.
Roller type Roller structure Weight 4m Weight 4.5m Weight 5m Weight 6m
Tubular roller 500mm Wał Rurowy 500mm 1980kg 2255kg 2810kg 3020kg
Tubular roller 600mm Wał Rurowy 600mm 2010kg 2285kg 2840kg 3050kg
Packer Roller 500mm Wał Packer 500mm 2153kg 2450kg 3026kg 3280kg
T-profile Roller 500m Wał Teownik 500mm 2270kg 2585kg 3176kg 3460kg
T-profile Roller 620mm Wał Teownik 500mm 2300kg 2615kg 3206kg 3490kg
Chevron Roller 500mm Wał Daszkowy 620mm 2180kg 2485kg 3080kg 3340kg
Chevron Roller 620mm Wał Daszkowy 620mm 2220kg 2525kg 3120kg 3380kg
Crosskill roller 550mm Wał Crosskill 550mm 2610kg 2990kg 3626kg 4000kg
String Bar Roller 500mm Wał Strunowy 500mm 1980kg 2255kg 2810kg 3020kg
Spring Roller 500mm Wał Sprężynowy 500mm 2070kg 2360kg 2926kg 3160kg
Heavy Packer Roller 600mm Photo soon! 2450kg 2835kg 3476kg 3820kg

Trolley (disk harrow)

Trolley (disk harrow) dis harrow is equipped with a hydraulic folding mechanism. It is used for low-depth cultivation after the harvest. Its main task is to mix the leftover stubble and stimulate the growth of self-sowing. It can also replace a plough and effectively remove weeds and soil lumps.

Trolley (disk harrow) is comes equipped with two rows of 560mm teethed disks, as well as a roller that allows for soil compacting and packing (allowing for decomposing processes to take place correctly). They can be replaced by either 510 or 610mm disks for an extra charge. Disks are set on rubber shock dampeners. One of the advantages of the Trolley disk harrow it’s the ease of transporting it onto the field; it fits perfectly in a lane. Trolley (disk harrow) is available in a few widths: 4, 4.5, 5 and 6m.

Our disk harrows are capable of improving tasks related to harvesting and greatly improving the quality of cultivation. This comes from the use of modern solutions and the highest quality components, allowing our machinery to operate flawlessly for many years. Trolley (disk harrow) is powder coated, protecting it from corrosion and various weather conditions. Multiple variant choices, including width, make Trolley (disk harrow) have various applications and will meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

The availability of multiple variants makes Trolley (disk harrow) an interesting choice – one that finds interest of many of our customers, meeting the expectations of the most demanding users.

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Trolley (disk harrow) from AMJ AGRO:

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