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The highest quality of our products, punctuality and personalized approach to our customers – these are the bases on which our company operates – AMJ AGRO – est. 2005. We are a reliable business partner who is satisfied from our long-lasting cooperation with our growing number of customers and an increasing number of recommendations.

We specialize in production of combined cultivator and seed drills (disk and scraper) that are made of only the best materials and the highest quality components. Our machinery is certified to adhere to norms and safety regulations in accordance with European standards. Thanks to our high production technology and a modern machine park, AMJ AGRO seed drills are characterized by their sturdiness and reliability. In result, our customers can count on lasting and failure-free use of our products.

An integral part of our works is our own powder coating paint shop, allowing all of our products to be protected by a high-quality, corrosion-resistant coat. From the very beginning of the establishment of our company, we also provide powder coating services of components provided by our customers, as well as cutting plates by the use of plasma cutters (aluminum, regular and stainless steel). Contact us if you are interested in the services listed above.

We cooperate with a continuously growing number of distributors throughout the country. We provide transportation of our products, warranty and post-warranty support, and a complete suite of replacement parts.

Additionally we establish ourselves on professional customer service, providing consultations so that our customers may choose the most optimal product for their needs. At the moment we recommend:

  • Combined cultivator and seed disk drills
  • Combined cultivator and seed scraper drills

The task of a cultivator is to prepare soil for sowing or seeding in one go. They are also used for breaking up lumps and hardened soil blocks, removing weeds and mixing mineral fertilizers with soil. They greatly reduce the cost of cultivating and fertilizing soil.

As a result of constantly changing and more demanding market for agricultural machinery, AMJ AGRO adds modern products to its store. All of them are exceptionally reliable, sturdy, long-lasting, and boast high safety standards. High quality and effective construction process comes from the use of computer design methods. Our most often chosen products are available in different variants to match customers’ needs.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.

Producent maszyn rolniczych
Hala produkcyjna maszyn rolniczych
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Produkujemy agregaty uprawowe i inne maszyny rolnicze

Our products and services


We specialize in production of cultivators, which reduce general costs and improve work effectiveness. We use only the highest quality of materials and the best components available.


Thanks to the use of high quality elements and components, our seed drills guarantee failure-free operation for many years to come. We offer disk and scraper models available in two working widths. We offer only the most modern and functional models.

Powder coating

We provide powder coating services on demand. We are capable of coating various metal elements, e.g. gates, fences, railings, etc.

Powder coating

Coating methods used by us allow to work efficiently and provide great results, both in terms of aesthetics, and resistance to various elements of the coating. Powder coating is applied electrostatically, allowing for perfect coating of various metal parts.

Plasma cutting

We also provide services in cutting stainless, acid-proof steel, and aluminum. We make sure there is no excess coating on any of the elements. Painting orders are completed reliably and efficiently.

Plasma cutting

We offer plasma cutting using a modern CNC WPA 6000 cutter, based on specifications of our customers. Plasma cutting is a process in which an accelerated jet of superheated gas is used to precisely cut through various metals.

Hala produkcyjna agregatów uprawowych
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Hundreds of customers
Thousands of machines
Tens of thousands of hectares

Learn more about our products

Combined cultivator and seed drill

Combined cultivator and seed drill
Combined cultivator and seed drillATOS, ARAMIS, ATOS DRIVE
Combined cultivator and seed drills use rows of teethed disks that are capable of breaking up, cutting and softening soil.
Highly efficient
High resistance to mechanical failures


One of typical scraper seed drills – ARAMIS – is perfectly suited for softening the soil, pre-seeding and seeding in one go.
Soil softening with pre-seeding and seeding
Higher efficiency with reduced costs

Cultivating rollers

Cultivating rollers
Cultivating rollersCULTIVATING ROLLERS 3.2, 5.2 AND 6.2
Used for levelling the ground and breaking up soil lumps. Rolling soil improves its texture and improves the quality of cultivation over time.
Allows for uniform plant growth
Improves soil structure

We create solutions for everyday problems

Agregat talerzowy ATOS
Agregat talerzowy ATOS
Agregat uprawowo siewny drapak ARAMIS
Maszyna rolnicza drapakowa ARAMIS
Agregat talerzowy ATOS
Maszyny rolnicze uprawowe
Producent bron talerzowych
Brony talerzowe producent

Needs of our customers are important to us

A single machine is as efficient as fifty average workers, but no machine can replace our customer – an above average person.


Warranty service

We provide transport of machines, warranty and post-warranty service as well as a full range of spare parts.

Advice and support

We have gained the position thanks to professional support, we advise what is optimal for each of our clients.

Become a partner

We work with a constantly growing group of distributors throughout the country. Contact us about cooperation.

Feel free to contact us – let’s talk!

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