Agregat uprawowy Głębosz Hydro (z zabezpieczeniem hydraulicznym)

GŁĘBOSZ HYDRO seed drill

They are used mainly to improve work efficiency, at the same time reducing cropping costs. This is achieved thanks to the ability of both cultivating and sowing in one go.

Agregaty uprawowe Głębosz

GŁĘBOSZ seed drill

This seed drill is used for preparing soil for sowing. Its main task is to soften the soil up to a depth of 30cm.

Agregat uprawowo siewny ATOS - maszyny dla rolników

Combined cultivator and seed drill

Combined cultivator and seed drills use rows of teethed disks that are capable of breaking up, cutting and softening soil.

Brona rolnicza uprawowa ATOS XXL

Disk harrows

Hydraulically folding disc harrows combined with a soil tillage plate after harvest. The purpose of the machines is to mix in stubble residue and stimulate self-seeding growth. Remove weeds and clods of soil.